No, I am not a dentist and I am not going to give you oral health advise.

Believe it or not, this post is about business advice.


One of my persuasions is studying performance psychology and the brain. One of the things you learn about the brain is that the basic principle of habit is that if you do something once, the probability of you doing it again increases. Therefore, if you do it again, the probability increases again, and again, so on and so one… until it finally becomes a habit.

Another way to see this is to picture a tall grass/wheat field (4-6ft in height) and to think about what happens when you walk across that field… a path would form. Can you picture it?

Now suppose you were to come across that field again the next day and you needed to cross the field just like you did yesterday. You have two options – you can create a new path or follow the old path, at the same time you notice that the trail/path you formed the previous day has less grass, therefore, would be less difficult, and would take less energy to cross… so (of course..) you take that path.

Consequently, you make the path stronger. The grass is even more flattened, and the path is even more formed.

The grass is your brain, the habit is the path. This is the best way to understand how habit and the brain works.

Your brain is great, but it also expends a lot of energy so is always working to be more efficient (save energy). Your brain is programmed to take the path of least resistance.

This is the reason why creating new habits is difficult. You are fighting against yourself.

So, when I say to start brushing your teeth with your left hand (most people brush with their right), I’m saying to begin working on creating new habits.

I didn’t like to read until my junior year in college… and it took time to develop the desire to want to/enjoy reading. Now, it’s a habit. There’s nothing like the shot of dopamine I get from seeing an Amazon Prime package on my doorstep. I LOVE the way a book feels and smells. I enjoy reading. I love reading.

But I wasn’t born that way.

In the same, you weren’t born with the qualities necessarily needed to be the person you want to be.

If you’re making $20,000 a month, can you make $100,000 a month? YES!

How does a statement like that even make you feel?

That used to make me feel uncomfortable or I used to just say – NEXT YEAR, or in 2021 (for example)

But, why not NOW?

I didn’t start thinking like this until I had a call with an influence in the accounting/finance space. He built a 10-million-dollar company in three years…

He basically said the same thing, “why can’t you do the things you want to next year, THIS YEAR?”

And ever since, it just hit me. WHY NOT NOW?

Sure, it has taken a lot of work, a different mindset, and putting myself in new situations…

But the results are evident – 400% growth.

So, do you want better results?

Start brushing with your left hand.

-Joe Gallegos, CPA, CVA

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