All You Need
Is A SMART System

the birth of jag+argueta

Welcome to JAG Argueta. The Place For SMART Prosperity.

The firm was created by three gentleman all ranging from early to mid 30's and from very different backgrounds and places.

Keith who is a Marine veteran grew up in the rocky roads of El Salvador. He fought for his country and now he fights for his clients.

Joe Gallegos is a Second Generation Texan and the first person to graduate from a University in his entire family. He wanted to become a CPA to help other business owners and achieve the American dream.

An unlikely situation

Our story, and how JAG + Argueta came to be is an unlikely situation. Three gentlemen, all first generation graduates, who were not too long ago thousand of miles apart somehow have been brought together in Houston, TX to serve and help businesses and non-profits achieve and sustain their prosperity.

I do hope to talk to you more about our story. Join our mailing list or create a VIP account to discover more about this amazing journey that you too might be part of very soon.


In our 25+ years of combined professional experience, we have counseled people who admit they know very little about finances and taxes, but we've also counseled many well to-do people who are very successful and accomplished who they think they do know a lot about finances and taxes... as hard as it may be to believe, the results they experience are not very different.

It's painful to work with clients who work hard at being successful, but still not quite "hit the mark". Even our multi-millionaires, ultra-affluent clientele will admit that they could "do better". What is the "secret" to success? How does a millionaire mind operate? And what is the no-fail, sure-fire formula that business owners and non-profits can follow to finally achieve the success and peace of mind they so eagerly desire?

Two of the things we've discovered over the years (among others) is simply that successful people have great counsel and systems... They have people to rely on with specialized knowledge and they have systems that they follow that keep them on course.

At JAG + Argueta you will be part of the amazing Straight Talk Insider Community ("STIC") where you will receive a special report a month written by our expert CPAs pertaining to the matters that are most important to you - including but not limited to sustain and growing wealth, tax loopholes and strategies now (and on the horizon, business trends, and business development techniques. This is your personal counsel that shows up every month on your doorstep.

Moreover, we will introduce you to the SMART system that you can begin to incorporate almost immediately and begin achieve better results in your business or non-profit.

If this something that you might be interested in being part of, then Step 1 is obtaining some of our free resources on our resource page and subscribing to our famous newsletter. We will feel much better after knowing you have this information in your hands.

JAG Argueta Team
Meet The Team

Joe Gallegos, CPA/CVA



Husband, Father, Tax Planner, Chief Financial Officer, Growth Consultant, Author of Confessions of a Tax Planning Man

Keith Argueta, CPA



Auditor | Nonprofit Consultant | Marine Veteran

Mark Valadez, CPA



Tax, CPA, Spurs Fan

Rosa Prudencio

Senior Associate


Accounting and advisory

Bianca Maldonado

Business Manager


Wife, Mother, Business Operations, Fan Of "The Crown"

Nicholas Rodriguez




Laura Lobo



Marketing and relationships manager

Evelyn Mata



Audit, Alumni Relations Director at HBSA Bauer


How To Contact Us

NOTICE: Unsolicited phone calls and emails from non-customers requesting business or non-profit advice unfortunately cannot be returned. Due to an intensive project schedule, JAG Argueta may not be able to take your project.

If you need immediate assistance, the following options are available:
  • The most direct way to obtain assistance is to request one of our free resources in our resource section, then schedule a discovery meeting, which is normally scheduled within the next 10 business days after receiving one of our free resources.
  • Fax us at 281-810-9798 with the reason you would like to contact us and an explanation of the problem you would like us to solve.
We reserve the right to reject any request for help or consulting for any reason whatsoever or no reason at all.

QUESTION:  I would like JAG + Argueta to speak at my conference or event. What do I do?

ANSWER:  Please call or submit your request below, you will receive a response.

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