"how to choose

an auditor"

how bad can choosing the wrong auditor really be?

Believe us when we say - experience matters when it comes to choosing an auditor. You probably have heard by now about our expertise in serving the non-profit and commercial community with their attest needs. Our audit team is lead by Keith Argueta, a marine (because marines are never "former") and he serves his clients, just like he served his country.


Performing an audit can be stressful with all of the questions and information requests. But, believe us when we say - it's FAR WORST when dealing with an auditor that is never around or that doesn't know your industry.

An external auditor who stays in touch and communicates clearly is a huge asset that can make the entire process much manageable.

So, if you ready to finally find the "right" external auditor for yourself, that we have some really good news...

Our free guide "A CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO CHOOSING AN EXTERNAL AUDITOR" will reveal exactly how you can avoid a disaster by choosing the wrong external auditor for your non-profit or commercial business...
Don't delay. We urge you to go to the link below. Give us your information so that we can send over this guide immediately. And do it soon. As you know, an audit engagement is extensive and takes time and planning to make sure that it gets done. Furthermore, we plan our audits months in advance - so if you are looking to make a move, it's best to get on our list sooner than later.

a consumer's guide to choosing an external auditor

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