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Price increases. Supply shortages. Profit fades. The risks and demands of the construction industry can be daunting. JAG can help. Drawing on extensive industry experience, we deliver ideas and solutions that growth-oriented construction businesses need to increase profitability and improve efficiency.

Our team has extensive experience serving construction professionals throughout Texas and the surrounding states, coupled with strong relationships and a solid reputation with Houston-area bonding agents and surety companies. This helps you put your best foot forward when presenting financial statements and communicating with underwriters.

Because presenting the best financial picture for underwriters often creates tax liabilities, our clients also depend on JAG for tax planning and consulting. We bring practical tax advice to the table, reviewing your shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements and estate-planning documents to make sure they are structured in the most tax-efficient way possible while maintaining harmony among partners and family members.

Our Clients

  • Residential and Commercial Contractors
  • Suppliers, Builders, and Developers
  • Subcontractors
  • Energy Services Construction Companies

Our Difference

Tax Planning

Assuming your CPA that prepares your taxes is also doing your tax planning is a big mistake. The majority of CPAs that prepare taxes do not do tax planning. We’ve invested thousands of hours and dollars in tax planning training and materials from experts across the country. Because of this, we’ve generated thousands of dollars of savings for our clients. See our tax planning training with actual case studies here

CFO Services

When it comes to CFO services, our objective is not playing around with numbers, it’s to effect real change and financial results. By increasing financial awareness, setting goals, and providing actionable information, we’re able to help management and ownership effect real results and business outcomes.

Commercial & Non-Profit Audits

As your business grows, securing financing becomes an issue at some point. Whether it’s non-profit compliance or commercial financing, audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements becomes a need. Our firm specializes in these services with a proven track record of delivery and customer satisfaction.

Other Industries We Serve

We serve a variety of different industries. Are you ready to find out how we can serve you?










Practice Leader

Joe Gallegos, CPA, CVA

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