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the importance of having cfo reporting

Imagine boarding an air plane with a pilot that had no dashboard. At first you do not believe your eyes when you notice that the air pilot has no dashboard. However, after a second glance and taking a seat - you soon hear over the intercom "We will be departing in approximately 10 minutes, please be sure to buckle your seat beat". The pilot is flying blind. Imagine that your family was also traveling on this plane with you. How would you feel?

Not having CFO reporting is like being a pilot with no dashboard.

You don't have cash flow forecast - so you have no idea where you are going. You don't have an idea on how much "days cash" you have, so you have no idea how much fuel you have. You have no idea what your labor productivity, so you have no idea when it's time for some "maintenance".

Years of experience & working with hundreds of non-profits and businesses has proven that companies or non-profits that have CFO reporting perform better than companies and non-profits that do not have any CFO reporting.

Now, let's get this straight. Hiring an outsourced CFO or Controller for your no-profit is not a magic pill. It does not solve all of your problems and produce more profits all by itself. However, CFO reporting does give you the information that you need to make profit effecting decisions. Should we take on another project? Do we need financing?
Should we create another product?
Should we invest in more talent? Any many more - These are the questions that CFO reporting help you answer...

The secrets to sustaining and improving success are simple. You actually probably know most of them, but just have not implemented correctly or are not sure how to implement.

Maybe you are thinking, "Is it time to hire an outsourced CFO or controller?"

My answer to that is - do you feel like you are in what we call a "black hole" - you are worried about your results, worried about lack of clarity and direction, worried about not having someone look at the numbers with you... Being an entrepreneur can be lonely - the concept of "ownership thinking" for employees is rubbish. Have you noticed that no one really talks about that concept anymore... because it's not true. If we're on the same page on anything that we just mentioned... we urge you to get some free information about our S.M.A.R.T. Prosperity System. It's an easy to use, 5-step system, that if you follow and put in the work will bring more clarity, peace of mind, and yes - even profits to you and your business (we also have a non-profit solution as discussed above). See below for more information.

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